New Thermage CPT Procedure Video!

I’m a big fan of Thermage…but why such a young girl who obviously doesn’t need it at all.

I recently lost 90 lbs and have loose skin in places now. Especially the top of my arms, stomach, chin, and thighs.. Would this work on that? And also, if it works on arms..would both arms count as one treatment, or two?

No, this is only for skin tightening

is it for removing hair or something else Doctor ?!?!

Can this be used on thighs?

Yes it can. Look up Thermage 16.0 on my channel for some good videos on this. It takes about 2 hours per thigh.

how much is a thermage treatment for the full face? and how many treatments do people usually get at a time?

Still don’t see much difference in the before and after photos on line.

Unclealand, I am sure the patient will be very happy that you said that! She is actually 39 years old. That being said, there has been a real push for preventative procedures lately. In Asian countries, it is not unheard of to see an average age of 22-25 for cosmetic preventative procedures. It is only now becoming popular in the United States.

Notice, too, that the patient is about 30 years old.