Micro-Needle Dermal-Roller Therapy for Your Skin- Love This!

This is a micro-needle/derma-roller and how to use it. This is a great way to get rid of acne scars and to plump lines and wrinkles! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and THUMBS UP!Here is where to get the products in the video-

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20 thoughts on “Micro-Needle Dermal-Roller Therapy for Your Skin- Love This!

  1. Ok it's done! No pain…just prickly … and it made my eyes really water. Looking forward to continuing…and results. :)

  2. hi briana! can you please tell me if the number of needles matter or not bcoz i am really confused about having the 540 microneedles or less.please i need an answer

  3. Brianna, what products can I use after the derma roller that are both oil and fragrance free. I can't find any that are BOTH! Thank you!

  4. Saw this video for the first time and liked it did my first roll last week. And my face feels fine, some say you should roll once every 4 to 6 weeks. . Can i do it like once a week?

  5. Good morning. Before I order some of the products you use, can this device and the serums be used if I am currently using Retin A? Do you use retin A on the same night you use your derma roller? Thanks, and hope to get your opinion.

  6. I wondered what that thing did;it terrified me looking at the pins for some reason(I'm not scared of needles and little freaks me out but that thing just bugs my nerves)Thnx for posting this. : )You look great without makeup btw.

  7. Brianna ~ Since this is an older video I was wondering if you still use this in your skincare routine?? I was thinking about trying one, but wasn't sure if it was worth it. You should do an updated video on Derma-Rollers!! I love you skincare videos <3

  8. hi brianna! can you do an updated derma roller video pleeeeeeze? so much hype about the rodan and fields AMP MD Roller that people love i'm wondering if we can use our own medical grade products with our "own" roller???? thank you!!!!

  9. Yes, please do an updated derma rolling video! I trust your expertise over any other YTer. xoxo KellyPS – I loved your hair when it was brown. :)

  10. My face feels so itchy after using the MicroNeedle. I don't have collagen like she does, can I just use Coconut Oil?

  11. Hello Brianna,I'm new to your channel and just want to thank you for showing us how to use this roller. I just ordered one and I'm waiting for it to get here, I must say your skin dose look amazing. My question to you is where can I purchase the two face creams/lotions I'm very interested in those two products, thank you very greatful.

  12. Great video and and thank you for showing how you used it. I'm starting slowly with a .25 Ora micro needle roller and I "think" there was text showing that you used a 1.0 mm roller. Is this correct? I was told anything above .75 should be done by an aesthetician. Thank you for providing your skin care products, too.

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