Cell renewal – Oxygen Skincare Therapy

Full oxygen facial integrates deep pore cleansing, Intra-Epidermal needleless,  painless Injection, and inhalation therapy with no redness or downtime allowing the recipient to go to any event immediately after treatment.

This treatment is safe on all skin type including black skin and it includes a deep pore facial.. for more information visit http://www.lisaanella-skincare.com/oxygen-skin-therapy.html

Notre soin du visage oxygénothérapie comprend un nettoyage en profondeur des pores, Injection intra-épiderme, sans aiguille, sans douleur et la thérapie d’inhalation sans rougeur ou du temps de récupération, permettant au client de passer à un événement important toute suite après le traitement.

Ce traitement est sans danger pour tous les types de peau, incluant la peau noire et il comprend..pour plus d’information visiter http://www.lisaanella-skincare.com/systeme-oxygenotherapie.html

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Homemade Beauty Tips Video – Beauty Therapy Skin care Herbal Cosmetics

300+ Homemade Beauty Tips click – http://www.indiavideo.org/text/beauty/

Video presents lepana, one of the traditional beauty treatments with herbal paste especially for skin from Ayurveda in Kerala, India.

Homemade Tips for Lip care

Beauty Tips for Face

23 Ayurvedic Beauty and Skin care Tips

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Ultra Sonic and LED Light Therapy (Skin Care Fundamentals)

Available at www.skincarefun.com

Our cordless Ultrasonic/LED beauty device offers the combined benefit
of 3MHz ultrasonic vibration and three photon LED light therapies
(Blue, Green and Red).

Ultrasonic – The ultrasonic micro-vibrations penetrate only 1mm under
the skin so it is suitable for both the face and delicate eye area.
Benefits include: increased blood circulation and metabolic activity
in the skin cells, and deep product penetration.

LED Light Therapy – In scientific studies, each LED light color has
been shown to offer the following beneficial effects:
*RED – stimulates fibroblast activity, increases collagen production,
accelerates blood circulation
*GREEN – calms, repairs skin damage, reduces hyperpigmentation
*BLUE – kills acne-causing bacteria, controls sebum production, calms
inflammation and redness.

Products used:
DPC – Collagen Elastin Gel

LIVE Face Thermage CPT – Skin Tightening Procedure

I just had it done.Its alittle painful.but great results. I had it done on my neck and jowl area. Im happy with it! No pain no gain.

is this painful???

What is the gel stuff that’s on her face?

radiofrequency energy is the best , thermage hurts and doesnt really give u the best results , my opinion

So does it really work? I’m thinking of getting it done..is it worth all that pain?

New Thermage CPT Procedure Video!

I’m a big fan of Thermage…but why such a young girl who obviously doesn’t need it at all.

I recently lost 90 lbs and have loose skin in places now. Especially the top of my arms, stomach, chin, and thighs.. Would this work on that? And also, if it works on arms..would both arms count as one treatment, or two?

No, this is only for skin tightening

is it for removing hair or something else Doctor ?!?!

Can this be used on thighs?

Yes it can. Look up Thermage 16.0 on my channel for some good videos on this. It takes about 2 hours per thigh.

how much is a thermage treatment for the full face? and how many treatments do people usually get at a time?

Still don’t see much difference in the before and after photos on line.

Unclealand, I am sure the patient will be very happy that you said that! She is actually 39 years old. That being said, there has been a real push for preventative procedures lately. In Asian countries, it is not unheard of to see an average age of 22-25 for cosmetic preventative procedures. It is only now becoming popular in the United States.

Notice, too, that the patient is about 30 years old.